Ground floor | Reception and Services Area

Take a break in the mountain, with the warmth of home

The entrance to Hermitage Mountain Residences has a cosy. spacious reception area with a large fireplace and rest areas —with comfortable settees— that are ideal for enjoying quiet moments with family or friends. The area also offers a mountain-inspired decor with intriguing decorative details. The lighting is subdued, highlighting the solid oak that envelops the whole space. Art is an important part of this floor, it being the ideal setting for temporary exhibitions.

The works currently on display are by the Barcelona-based visual artist Stefanie Herr (1974). The three-dimensional wall sculptures called “The Growth Imperative” explore the spatial dimension of stock charts by translating their peaks and valleys into physical coordinates.

The three works on display are entirely crafted by hand, each piece of the series took about two months to complete. The works of art are available for sale. For more information, do not hesitate to contact guest services.

This floor provides guest access to all the services offered by Sport Hotels Resort & Spa, including the Spa, restaurants, and Kids Club. This means there is no need to venture outside the complex.

This area also includes the Residences reception area where our staff will give you personalised attention with our characteristic hospitality.

La Gourmanderie 1.850

With our guests always in mind, we have created an exclusive gastronomic concept with a carefully selected menu to please the strictest palates, La Gourmanderie 1.850, with its imposing glass wine cabinet to impress even the most discerning visitor.

A varied cocktail menu is also available, ideal for sharing in the comfortable lounge areas or to enjoy in the residences.

La Gourmanderie 1.850 is open from 4 pm to midnight.