Cookies Policy

In compliance with the European Directive 2009/136 / EC, we inform you that HERMITAGE MOUNTAIN RESIDENCES uses cookies while browsing. Cookies are small files where you store information that is installed in your browser or device. This information is saved for future visits you make to HMRANDORRA.COM as it registers the activity of the user during the time of navigation (for example, date of last visit, navigation preferences, etc.) we use it to expedite your navigation. HMRANDORRA.COM uses the following types of cookies:

Analytical and customisation cookies:

Allow the monitoring and analysis of the behaviour of users. This information is used for statistical purposes, because, for example, it records the origin of the visit, the pages that it has visited or the date and time of the visit.

Advertising cookies:

Allow the monitoring and analysis of the behaviour of users. An example of using this type of cookies is used for, for example, to remember the language selected in the previous visit.

Techniques cookies:

Necessary for the proper functioning of the web. Serve to identify the session, the booking process or share content via social media.

Session cookies:

Are used only while the user accesses the web.

Persistent cookies:

Are stored on the device and can access them for a certain time.

Third-party Cookies:

Are installed on the device or the user’s browser and are managed by another entity that is not HMRANDORRA.COM, for example, Google.

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